Creative Gifting

Christmas is almost here, and so are our Creative Gifting ideas for 2021.

It all started in 2020 when three studios working under the same roof, Atelier Tron / Sandra Berghianu Ceramics / Studio Mud, joined forces and created with enthusiasm an entire collection of gift sets for different scenarios and situations.

It was a time of loneliness because of the social distancing, and this joining of forces made wonders - for our state of mind and also for the quality of our work. It's a kind reminder of how much people matter in our lives and we cannot be more grateful for sharing the space with these wonderful humans.

It was an amazing process of negotiating with ourselves and with each other, of giving to one another, and the most important thing: we did an amazing job together.

We named the project Creative Gifting and we decided it is going to be our winter tradition: every Christmas we are going to make creative sets of gifts designed for all your different loved ones!


Sustainability 2.0

As 2020 was marked by uncertainty, our gift sets were designed to bring hope. 2021 came with the joy and will to build a better future, therefore we incorporated this idea into our improved gift sets.


This year we took sustainability on a whole new level: more than 70% of the pieces are made from leftover or discarded pieces of material that we creatively put together into our new collection of ceramic and textile objects.


The recycled stoneware is a mix of leftover clays from all the projects that we’ve done in the last months.

For the upcycled textiles, we used small scraps of different types of fabrics that we have been working with over the years. This process makes every object different and a surprise both for you and for us.


The gift of giving

Like last year, we are trying to make these gift packs super affordable. Why?


Because lately everybody is confronted with financial uncertainties. Probably neither of you can spend a fortune on gifting, so all the products that are contained in the sets are more than 30% off their real price - basically the percent we usually invest in marketing or give to resellers. This also means "sharing is caring" because our promotion budget is close to 0. 


Our hope is that by doing this our products have more chances to reach as many as you as possible, and you have more chances to give beautiful handmade presents to your loved ones without making huge financial efforts.

This year we have 4 price ranges available: 

  1. Secret Santa - 25 euros/120 ron

  2. Friendly Face - 50 euros/ 250 ron

  3. Lots of Love - 80 euros / 390 ron

  4. Splurging - 110 euros / 550 ron

Wrapping things together

The set comes packed with care in a cardboard box or a self-made paper envelope, with tissue paper and a ribbon. 

We can also send a personalized card if you want to send the present directly to your loved ones. You can just leave us the message you want to be written on them and we will take care of the rest.

The gift sets are now available for pre-ordering until the 10th of December. We are working on the objects as you're reading this and we will start delivering them from the 17th to the 23rd of December.


We handcraft everything so there are going to be just small batches from each set, so we recommend you hurry up and order your perfect gift asap.