A New Beginning

It’s the beginning of September already, which means that we are well into the second half of 2020, and what a year did this turn out to be. By now it makes absolutely no more sense to comment on expectations versus reality. Yes, most of our original plans for this year fell through, yet I am thankful that I until now I have remained healthy, as I hope many of you are too. There is still a long way to go, but I have faith our collective resilience.

The Gift of Time

In spite of all this doom and gloom surrounding us in the early months of the year, Spring brought about an unexpected blessing: time - the first time in 3 long and gruelling years when I felt that finally I had Time! The entire fast fashion rollercoaster which I have been fighting against all these years had unexpectedly grinded to a halt and showed us the impact of our lifestyle on the world we live in. It also gave me the opportunity to look back at the core values of Atelier Tron, the experience we acquired and the lessons we learned. Economically it was and still is a difficult time, but it was also a chance for me to start over and integrate said lessons into a new, more cohesive and ambitious whole.

The world is now rushing back to its old routines, contrary to the timely predictions of a global epiphany. However, the positive effects of the lockdown showed me that the impact of going local can be momentous. Therefore, I am more motivated than ever to push further with my commitment to sustainability, looking beyond the world of textiles and dyeing - which remain at our core - and into a broader lifestyle of mindfulness at the center of which lies not consumption, but creativity. And in this world we are the Inspiration that reminds you of your Creativity.

We are the Inspiration that reminds you of your Creativity.

A Three Sided Approach

Our Storytelling will nurture your Creativity. We will be talking about our journey, about the things and the people that inspire us and who we think will inspire you too. Yes, there will be a focus on our interest in sustainability, but we will reach beyond, as inspiration comes from different corners of the world we live in. If you are reading our Newsletter, you know what I mean. If not, you might want to check it out:

Sharing Experience is how we encourage you to give your Creativity a chance to shine. We will integrate our existing workshop cycle (Botanical Alchemy, The Craft of Sewing) with new workshops which we are preparing for when we can safely share the same space together again. Here you will also find various other creative endeavours that we encourage you to do by yourself at home, or together with friends and close ones.

The Marketplace is our virtual showroom. Why do I call it a showroom? Because it is not only an online store where we monetise our work in order to make a living. We also share the story of each piece that we make: how and where we found the materials, how they were sourced and dyed, but also how and where we produced the piece itself, how many people worked on it and so on. We do this in order to show what the true cost of sustainability is so that we raise awareness on the impact of mass production, and the growing trend of green washing. We do not claim to be 100% green, but we will show you how we genuinely try to.

A new Collection for a new Beginning

With the rebirth of the atelier, we are launching a new collection to accompany our existing catalogue committed to our core beliefs, that we encourage you to check out. We hope you enjoy it, and if you like something, be sure to read its story.

Like with every new beginning, there are some rough edges, some coming soon pages and a bit of waiting time. But we believe in the framework of Atelier Tron and we are genuinely committed to be the Inspiration that reminds you of your Creativity. Our website will grow organically in the same way as everything else we do. If you give us a chance, we will make it worthwhile, because in spite of all the uncertainties, I feel optimistic about the better future we can build together.

All the love,