bOOb Project - a Playful Exercise that led to an Empowering Collection

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

We love ourselves.

This is one of the credos of Atelier Tron. It’s actually the one that transformed bOOb project into a collection of empowering clothing. But of course, it’s not true for all days - which is ok, as long as we keep saying this mantra and using it in our daily affirmations. 

We all have Insecurities

The thing is that a few years ago my mantra was usually: I hate myself, or on a good day: I would love myself after I become perfect. And it was quite difficult to understand why I was feeling so much resentment towards myself and mostly towards my body.

When I was 25 I was pretty insecure, I hated my body because it never stayed at the weight I wanted, I hated my breasts for not being perfect and I wasn’t talking to anyone about these problems because it felt awkward - both for me and for the people around me. I was scared of intimacy like it could bite back, all the relationships I tried to have ended quickly because I was cold as a rock and none of these things was actually making any sense in my head.

I believe I wasn't going through a unique situation - I think that most people have body insecurities in their teenage years and then in their 20s. Sometimes they stop but sometimes they stay with you for your entire life.

The Birth of the Project

I got a scholarship in Stockholm, Sweden, where I spent one semester. I was going alone to a rather cold city, and I realized that it was a perfect opportunity to focus on taking care of myself and making peace with my thoughts - and so it happened. 

I started running, drawing a lot, spending a lot of time by myself, and reading again after many years. I discovered Cheryl Strayed and her amazing book, Tiny Beauty Things - which I read thoroughly every day - letter by letter, thought by thought. I realized that life can be harsh, life can be terrifying, but it can also be great as long as you choose to fight for yourself. Easier said than done, you would say, but I deeply advise you to read this book as it will give you the strength to take action. 

One day, in my pursuit for creativity, I accidentally found some textile colours in a stationery shop (love them) and started painting on some clothes I had - a dress, a shirt, some t-shirts - it was fun and it was something unexpected that gave me a lot of joy. One thing led to another and I found myself drawing tank tops with different cheeky drawings around the chest area - different flowers, fruits, shapes, not perfect, not identical, not symmetrical, quite obviously covering the breasts. I thought, ok, it’s time to face my fears: no more hiding, no more body shaming, no more seeking perfection. I am who I am and it was high time I made peace with myself.

I named it bOOb project and I started showing it around. Posting photos of it on Instagram came with some validation (which was great) but also with girls writing to say they get it, they love it and they want one. So hey, surprise surprise: I wasn’t in this alone! I didn’t focus on making more - it was clearly a playful exercise I did for myself.

Playfully Making a Clothing Collection

3 years later, after deciding I was going to open a textile studio, I came back to bOOb project, because it was meaningful and it spoke to people. I thought that if it helped me, it could help others as well, or at least bring a smile on people’s faces. 

I added the sustainability layer: the materials are all natural and locally produced - I already wrote about it here.

I played a while with different patterns, shapes, concepts until I found the perfect crop top - soon after we developed more models in the studio. They were supposed to be comfortable, cheeky, impossible not to notice, and making you feel powerful and unbreakable when you wear them.

bOOb project is about understanding the human body through sustainable angles. Sweet and simple, these pieces are here to remind you of your inner strength.


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