Botanical Alchemy * returning soon

For thousands of years, dyers were highly appreciated for their craft of transforming plants in vibrant colours for the adornments and clothes of the human kind. Today, the precious knowledge of using surrounding plants to decorate textiles has been buried by mass production, but slow design is gently recovering the richness of investing in a natural process.

This is a call for the curious, the sensorial, the artists, the witches and the mothers that want to connect to the ancient practice of people coming together to study the healing power of plants on natural textiles.


We’ll spend four hours together connecting with nature and learning how to transform it in magical colours, using simple techniques. We will use seasonal local plants to (re)create natural landscapes on textiles.


Andreea Tron is a witch, a natural dyer, an architect, a nature lover, a cat mother, a seamstress and a kind human being.

After years of travels and moving from country to country to study and work, she came back home to Romania in 2017 and pursed her love for textiles and natural dyeing by founding Atelier Tron, a studio that focuses in making textile objects that teach us to be kind to ourselves, to others and to the world.

Although natural dyeing started as a way of reconnecting with the countryside she grew up in and as a way of reestablishing a relationship with nature, a few workshops in Asia and an intensive course in Spain later she transformed this personal search into a form of clear and natural expression.


This workshop is an introduction to a complex technique and it suited for those who want to spend a day outdoors, learning new things and using their hands to create colour. You don’t need any previous knowledge on the subject. We will focus more on the process, less on the results, as the entire purpose of the course is to reconnect with the nature and learn how to start using natural dyes in a correct way.

We will use local plants, harvested or bought from the market, non-toxic mordants, and we are going to create a landscape of local colours.


Each participant will produce and take home:

  • a catalog of their dyed textile scraps put together in a bag dyed with a chosen pigment

  • a scarf printed with different types of leaves and flowers


What will we learn?

  • introduction in the theory and practice of natural dyeing

  • types of fibres and how they influence the dyeing process

  • preparing the materials for dyeing - washing and fixing

  • preparing the pigments

  • dyeing the scraps

  • ecoprinting the scarf

  • indexing the scraps


The price of the course is 95 euros/450 lei per person (min 4 - max 6 people per workshop) and this will include all the materials used, snacks and drinks, a brochure with the used techniques, a template for the scrapbook and the printed scarf.

For questions and signing up, mail us at

*the workshop will be held with a minimum of 4 persons. Otherwise we will cancel or postpone the class one day prior to it.