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Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Over the past few months, we came to the realization that Atelier Tron was quite a mess - it was a space where a lot of things were happening but things were not clear. People were asking us about what we actually do - do we do clothes? do we do workshops? do we do production? do we do embroidery? do we sell naturally dyed materials? do we sell anything we post on Instagram? do we do home wear? do we draw? do we sell illustration? what exactly do you do?

And the answer was - well, everything, but not always and not at the same time. Yes, it was confusing. 

So one day I made a small trip down memory lane and looked on everything I ever posted on Facebook, Instagram, and the website. A lot of love, a lot of nature, a lot of beautifully dyed materials, and lots of trial-and-error we had with different products. There were photos from workshops, from the countryside, from different types of flora and fauna I found on different trips, of colours and textures and patterns, beautiful collaborations with other like-minded people. 

So it dawned on me: we are a lifestyle brand.

Yes, we have a clothing collection that came from the need to express body image issues and to gain self-esteem. Yes, we do workshops because we want to share the arts and crafts we master.

Yes, we collaborate with amazing other brands that do lovely projects that we would like to promote.

Yes, we do everything from and for the love of nature and under our commitment to responsibility.

But we do it naturally and it is a lifestyle for us and our small community.

Our goal is to grow the community and bring a lot of amazing people to share their own products, stories, or experiences. 

Happy-go-lucky? The dictionary defines it as  "enjoying life and not worrying about things”. 

We define it as enjoying life in a creative way, not worried about anything else than not harming our world.

Living life in a creative way means choosing love over suffering, choosing having fun while working over dreading it, taking risks and facing disappointment, choosing curiosity and facing our fears, and going after what we want instead of waiting for things to knock on our door - news flash: that’s never going to happen.

Life, love, relax, create, make, play, travel, be kind to yourself, to others, and to the world - the rest will follow. 


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