Love for Nature

Nature is a broad term that defines everything that is not man made, basically. And it’s of the utmost beauty, the most unexplained situations or the most crazy creations. 

One of the things we learnt by natural dyeing is to pay attention to nature. Living in the city makes you forget the importance of paying attention, stopping and just taking a break to hear, feel and watch. We discovered foraging - going around searching for things to dye with, make food or tea with, or just finding new plants and collecting them. It’s an ancient practice that the modern world forgot about - a way of reaching out to nature and receiving its response. We forget that our food comes from nature and most of our objects as well.  

Every once in a while we take the time to go to the countryside - just for a day or two, nothing fancy, just paying a visit to the slow way of life. We take walks in the gardens, to the rivers, lakes, or forests. We look at the plants, the stones, the trees, the insects and everything that surrounds us and we take photos. Sometimes we post them so that we can share our discoveries with you, our nature loving community.

Through natural dyeing we pay more attention to the seasons passing - we follow the plants and we know when they begin and when they end. We stop with the winter - it’s a natural way of taking a break and recovering, getting ready for the next spring, when slowly everything comes back to life. 

It’s following the natural path that keeps us grounded and always connected to our journey. It’s the everyday conversations that we have with nature that remind us why we started in the first place and why we should stick to it. Responsible design and production can’t go on without the love of nature by our side. Because everything we do, every material we use, every step we take towards producing something should be with the constant reminder that as nature cares for us, we should care for her as well.

We are sharing all of this with you - the photos, our love for nature, the discoveries we make in our trips, where do our materials come from and where do they go - because we want to be your constant reminder that loving nature comes with a wonderful gift: it will love you back.