Pajama Party * or the Story of Perfect Homeware for this Winter.

We are proud of ourselves for this one.

There are products that come to us easily. And there are products that don't make that much sense from the beginning. Each product we launch with signs of doubt like: is this actually the best pattern? is this product actually made for this material? does the embroidery actually fit? do we actually love it? - never sells. Why? because if it didn't speak to us, it won't speak to you.

We have been working on these pajamas for the past months. Not continuously but constantly.

First, it was the pattern - we found the perfect pattern for the blouse but got stuck for around a month thinking of the perfect pants that would match.

Then when the pattern was ready, the fabric - we wanted to switch to a cheaper material - but don't compromise on the quality and the principles behind it: it should be 100% natural and locally made - oh what a challenge.

Last, but not least the embroidery. What would make the perfect embroidery for these pajamas?

The pattern

*the extra space left is used for larger sizes
How the pieces fit on the fabric

The almost zero waste pattern - inspired by Romanian traditional costumes and the way the fabric was cut and sewed. This idea came from our trip to Sona - a village in Transilvania - where we were shown a really nice collection of traditional clothing from the area. We studied the details of the clothing and realized this is a collective wisdom that needs to be used.

We managed to use almost only straight lines and patches in order to use as little material as possible and make the production process super-efficient - like back in the days where fabric was scarce and time was spent wisely.

We decided to share the pattern - you can make them at home if you want, and we are also planning on making a video tutorial of the process.

Freedom of movement (or dancing)

The way the pieces are put together offers huge space to move inside a soft two-sided material. Although the pattern is made of straight lines - the pieces used in between the parts although you to stretch and dance and sit in comfy positions.

Not to mention the fabric - the inside is smooth and a bit fluffy and the outside is soft and thick. We found the fabric also in Transilvania (the wonders of this part of the country) at a small traditional weaving factory that makes functional fabrics for households.

Glow in the dark winter sky

It is more than likely that this winter will be spent mostly on the inside - so why not carry a piece of the winter sky inside your own house. Our goal with the embroidered constellation was to bring a bit of the outside inside - the glow in the dark effect makes the homeware perfect for pajama parties, both online and offline.

The idea of the glow in the dark embroidery thread was given to us by one of our Instagram friends - and we will be forever grateful to the godmother of our pajamas.


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