The Craft of Sewing * returning soon

“A dream of sewing is associated with fixing, repairing, or renewing something in your life.” ✨ This course is designed to both teach the basics of sewing and develop self confidence through building a new skill. We believe in the importance of rediscovering crafts. Learning a craft means appreciating it, paying attention to details, creating something you desire, making an effort and experiencing new things. ✂️ Our intention is to create a safe space in which you can spend time with yourself and with others, share knowledge and use your creativity to make something and proudly say: I made this.

✏️ Technicalities: The workshop will have several parts, from learning basic sewing techniques to more complicated objects.

*Sewing workshop no 1: making your own pillowcase from textile scraps.

Using textile waste aims to Teach the importance of recycling and creating new objects out of unused pieces of cloth. Use different types of natural materials to understand the difference between them (cotton/hemp/linen/viscose). Stitching them together so that you can practice that straight stitch you’re dreading.

📔 What will you learn? Finding your way around the sewing machine. Understanding fabrics and other sewing tools. Garment construction - basic pattern construction. Measuring and cutting. Sewing straight seems. Finishing a basic product.

*Sewing workshop no 2: making your own cotton apron - custom embroidery included.

📔 What will you learn?

How to construct and draw your paper pattern. Measuring and cutting the fiber following the pattern. Sewing and attaching a pocket. Finishing a simple product. Make your custom embroidery.

*Sewing workshop no 3: making your own embroidered boob project crop top.

📔 What will you learn?

Choosing the pattern according to your measurements. Transferring the paper pattern to the fabric. Cutting and preparing the fabric pieces. Joining the seams, attaching the collar and the edge pieces. Finishing the product.

🗓 Schedule Evening course: 6pm-9pm Weekend course: 11am-2pm 💰The price of the course:

Sewing workshop no.1: 50 euros/person (min 3 - max 5 people per workshop); Sewing workshop no.2: 50 euros/person (min 3 - max 5 people per workshop); Sewing workshop no.3: 50 euros/person (min3 - max 5 people per workshop).

*this price will include all the materials used, snacks and drinks, a booklet with the used techniques and the product you made. For questions and signing up, mail us at ❣️ Our tutor, Andreea Tron is a witch, a natural dyer, an architect, a nature lover, a cat mother, a seamstress and a kind human being. After years of travels and moving from country to country to study and work, she came back home to Romania in 2017 and pursed her love for textiles and natural dyeing by founding Atelier Tron, a studio that focuses in making textile objects that teach us to be kind to ourselves, to others and to the world.