Part of the calming and cosy gift sets, this combination cannot pass without much appreciation from any girl willing to enjoy a relaxing evening. Taking a long bath, putting on a fluffy robe, lighting a candle and reading, listening to music or watching a movie may be the perfect ingredients. 

The cotton robe features some embroidered birds to fly away with your dreams while the discrete and distinct scent of beeswax relaxes all the senses.


The gift sets are now available for pre-order until the 1st of December - we will then start delivering them from the 15th to the 23nd of December. Please send us an email at if you want your gift to be delivered on a specific date.


All the luxury gifts are beautifully presented, hand wrapped in tissue paper and stylish custom gift boxes.


Three studios working under the same roof joined forces and created with enthusiasm an entire collection of gift sets for different scenarios and situations, with several price options and the possibility of delivering directly to the recipient (with a cute gift card, of course).

All the gifts show our love of beautiful, handcrafted and sustainable textiles for your daily rituals, and of playful and special ceramic pieces made for the comfort of your home.

Cosy Set-up

    • set of two beeswax candles with reusable ceramic cups by Sandra Berghianu
    • one embroidered cotton bathrobe by Atelier Tron
    • gift wrapped in a cardboard box 

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