This set is all about attention given to your hair, from the washing routine, to feel pretty moment.


The natural solid shampoo offers a nice shine, and the light scrunchie brings that 70s touch to your attitude.


And while finding the best outfit to match your vibe, light up the precious candle to add some mystery to your walk.

Hair Care

    • one naturally dyed hair scrunchie  by Atelier Tron
    • one hand-made soap dish by Studio Mud
    • one beeswax candle offering 8 hours of delicate natural scent, that comes in a hand-thrown porcelain container which can be reused after the wax is burnt as holders for small stuff, from eggs to candy to jewellery, by Sandra Berghianu
    • one natural solid shampoo by Deplin
    • gift wrapped in a beautiful white cardboard box