We love sundresses and we wanted to create one that respects the name. Made from a lookalike cotton denim fabric - straight lines, with enough space to move freely.


You can wear it with anything you like underneath - or with nothing.


The pockets are made from naturally dyed cotton from kitchen leftovers - provided by a local bistro. And they look like a sun-kissed forest.


*as we make everything to order or in small batches, it can take up to 3 weeks to deliver. 

Sun Soaked Cotton Dress

  • Natural dyeing is a unique process with unique results every time. Plants can change their colour from one season to another or from one year to another. As natural dyeing and eco printing are handmade processes, made with love, patience, and care - we hope that you will take special care of the garments so they have a long life, the same as we took care of the process, by being responsible and kind. 

    • Wash by hand in lukewarm water - do not soak or wring, as it can damage the colours. 
    • We recommend using liquid soap, or dishwashing soap (biodegradable if possible) if you want to use soap at all.
    • Dry in the shade. Direct sunlight can compromise the dyed pieces.
    • Best iron with steam, at an appropriate temperature - or do not iron at all.